The horror in Libya – 130 years later, the beasts are back

“The fascist must expand to live. Consequently he has pushed his frontier to the farthest lands and peoples. This is an aspect of his being, an ungovernable compulsion. This perverted mechanical monster suffers from a disease that forces him to build ugly things and destroy beauty wherever he finds it.”
George Jackson, Field Marshall of the Black Panther Party, murdered in 1971 by the beasts

The beasts are back. But were they ever gone? Over 130 years ago, the European countries at the Berlin Congress of 1885 with a common binge have completely divided the African continent. And France took a centerpiece: Mali. Until then, Mali was a very wealthy part of Africa and an interface for trade and culture between northern Africa and southern Africa. To the south and east of present-day Mali are the ten fastest-growing economies in the world, with the main resources such as ores for nuclear energy, coltan, gold, copper and many more.

After 400 years of enslaving and slaughtering human beings in the cradle of humankind, the white “master race” of Europe have returned today. Human beings are no longer usable in their modern system, but the soil they live on is still.

And that is the reason for slave markets, drowning people in the Mediterranean Sea, and the presence of some groups that have Islam on their banner, but act as local executors of the criminal Empire.

For this reason, the white European “master race” from the EU and US, armed with NATO and AFRICOM, no longer call their mission “Christianization” or “civilization”, but “war on terror”. And this renewed attack of permanent war against the people of the global South occurred due the collapse of the Soviet Union. The total war could finally unfold properly.

Since 1960, the US squinted to Guinean oil reserves, but the imperial eastern counterpart and the anticolonial resistance limited the conquests. In 1992, the US colonial power launched its attack with a “humanitarian intervention” in Somalia and sent 28.000 US soldiers. The resistance was carried by the people of the street when the Black Hawks were brought down from the sky. People dragged the dead fighter pilots through the streets because they knew they were the enemy. The Somali people drove out the largest army in the world – unfortunately only temporarily. In the shadow of 9/11, the US installed its first military base in Djibouti.

The other criminals – France, were never really gone. After their mass murder of the Algerian people, they have retained their influence despite decolonization. Today the “Françafrique” keeps the broken and bankrupt economy of France afloat. Today, they try to secure their “claims” through their military “presence” in Mali.

Since then, the war has raged over zones of influence and resources to maintain the supremacy of Europe and the United States. The Arab-African revolt, the so-called “Arab Spring”, has been bloody suppressed by the EU, the US and NATO with their local allies. States with anticolonial leanings like Libya under Muammar Gaddafi disappeared from the scene. Like Nelson Mandela they always rejected decidedly US military bases in Africa. Today Libya is a divided and fragmented area – certainly not a country, and without a government that would deserve this name.

So – if people in the privileged Europe with his overflowing wealthiness want to somehow notice the situation of refugees in Libya or elsewhere on the EU’s borders, they at least have the responsibility to understand the background and find the right addressees of their protest. These are among others the embassies of France and the USA!

And – if people in the privileged Europe with his overflowing wealthiness somehow want to address fascism or fascist extermination policy, then they should move their gaze away from street Nazis and parliamentary Nazis in the direction to the global South. For there, the armies of european governments are slaughtering People of Color in their old tradition and new mission: “Fighting Terror” is what they call their “civilizing mission” in the 21st century.

And – if people in the privileged Europe with his overflowing wealthiness want to take the word slavery into their mouths, then they should also name the machinations of european corporations in recruiting young football talents. If, for example, the global corporation “Red Bull” carries out medical experiments on children in Ghana in order to determine their size and thus their applicability to professional football in later years.

And – if people demand solutions in the privileged Europe with his overflowing wealthiness, then they should savour the visions of economists like Paul Romer or Michael Castle Miller. Such people want to build so-called Refugee Cities around the war zones of the Global South. Like small Gaza Strips in which people are cut off from the world, but “orderly” and under control their scanty-miserable life may last – until further notice – of course without an intact resistance movement. 

We demand:
France out of Mali
USA out of Niger
AFRICOM to hell
Solidarity with the peoples of Africa
Safe passages for refugees to Europe

Dar Al Janub – Union for Antiracism and Peace Policy, November 2017

Manifestation in front of “Haus der Europäischen Union”, Wipplingerstraße 35, Vienna, 02.Dezember 2017

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