Review Dhoruba 2022

Review and preview of Dhoruba 2022 Dhoruba bin Wahad visited different European metropoles in a 10-day trip to discuss the analysis of the current political and economic situation, as well as to explore how local activists conduct their political work. Locally in a Europe where the national security state resolutely expands and rolls out its… Continue reading Review Dhoruba 2022

The horror in Libya – 130 years later, the beasts are back

“The fascist must expand to live. Consequently he has pushed his frontier to the farthest lands and peoples. This is an aspect of his being, an ungovernable compulsion. This perverted mechanical monster suffers from a disease that forces him to build ugly things and destroy beauty wherever he finds it.”George Jackson, Field Marshall of the… Continue reading The horror in Libya – 130 years later, the beasts are back

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