Filmvorführung // Film Screening: FEDAYIN

The name of Georges Abdallah regularly appears in demonstrations, press articles or in letters from parliamentarians to the Ministry of Justice. But who is he really? Why has a Lebanese communist of Christian origin been imprisoned in France for more than 36 years? Why is he considered by the Palestinians as one of their prisoners?In many ways, the story of Georges Abdallah is both the story of an era and the story of an Arab left that is as rich as it is little known.

Fedayin, Georges Abdallah’s fight traces the journey of a Lebanese man, committed to the Palestinian struggle in the midst of the Lebanese civil war. From the Nakba (1948)to Black September (1970) in Jordan, then the Israeli occupation of Lebanon (1982), from the Palestinian refugee camps that forged his conscience, to the international mobilization for his release,we discover the man who became one of the oldest political prisoners in Europe. We follow his involvement in the Palestinian resistance during the Lebanese war and then in Europe within the FARL(Lebanese revolutionary armed fractions). Then we find him in France where he was arrested in 1984 and convicted of complicity in the political executions of representatives of the United States and Israel.Georges Adballah has been eligible for release since 1999 and has entered his 37th year of detention, making him one of the oldest political prisoners in Europe. Beyond the judicial and political history that characterizes the course of George Abdallah, the film traces his life through a series of interviews in Lebanon, meeting his family, his relatives and former companions of struggle, but also in Europewith his lawyer, his supporters and people who have been with him. 

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