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Gaza 2010

Reports, expertises, analysis: One year after the Israeli attack on Gaza strip


Video message from Dr. Mariam Saleh, Member of Palestinian Legislative Council, Westbank/Palestine on the occassion of the event "Gaza 2010 - reports, expertises, analysis: One year after the Israeli attack on Gaza strip

When: Saturday, January 16, 2010, 5pm
Where: Albert-Schweitzer-Haus, Schwarzspanierstrasse 13, 1090 Vienna - Austria
Panelists will be:

Prof. Helga Baumgarten – Writer, political scientist, University of Birzeit/Ramallah
Hadeel Ghazzawi – Nutrionist, University of Vienna
MSP Pauline McNeill - Member of Scottish Parliament, member of a delegation to Gaza, Glasgow
Dr. Muneer Deeb – Chairperson of PalMed Germany, Surgeon, Kassel Hospital
Erwin Lanc – Former Austrian Home Secretary, Honorary President of the International Institute for Peace, Vienna
Live connections, interviews and video messages from the Gaza strip and the West Bank (inter alia Maryam Saleh – Palestinian parliamentary deputy)

One year after the massive Israeli attack, the Gaza strip seems to have been totally forgotten by the media. The world’s interest concentrated just for three weeks on the devastating strike that now seems to have degenerated into a mere anecdote of a war, which has been lasting for years. But even during the height of the conflict, the news gave just some glimpses into the situation in Gaza. In a stereotyped way two warring parties were presented: Israel on the one side and Hamas on the other; the suffering population of Gaza caught in between, giving rise to an unfortunate collateral damage amounting to 1,400 killed Palestinians.

The abbreviated portrayal of the background to and the causes of the war, the ahistorical analysis, the set of stereotyped comments and the helpless statements on the ongoing war that most European media and diplomatic and political decision-makers brought forward, were the best proof of a thorough lack of understanding of the historical linkages behind the Middle East conflict. The European Union as such and the leading individual states ignored the flagrant breaches of international law and took in many cases over the argumentation of the Israeli government.

Even when the "defensive war" hit UN-buildings, key decision-makers kept silent. The UN in its capacity as internationally recognized organization was checkmated and kept watching without lifting a finger even when the Israeli army perpetrated "targeted attacks on civil employees and institutions of the United Nations" (UN-Report May 5 2009). The published and unpublished UN reports on massive Israeli infringements of international law caused such a massive diplomatic pressure that UN experts like the renowned lawyer Goldstone found themselves being discredited as biased observers.
The war that had been ongoing for more than 60 years – only interrupted by more or less long lasting cease fires – was reduced during these three weeks by politicians, the media and the wider public to Hamas´ poll win in 2006, the need for recognition of Israel's right to exist and the firing of Kassam rockets on two Israeli border towns.

How is the situation in the Gaza strip now that one year has passed since the Israeli attacks, and almost four years since the undeclared political and economic embargo started? How does the population earn its living in the cut off, demolished and not yet reconstructed Gaza strip? Why was the tragic routine, which one witnesses after each war consisting of international support, reconstruction, care for the disabled and medical emergency relief systematically phased out in the Gaza strip?

Where are the international NGOs, the doctors, politicians, journalists and experts that after each war take care of providing assistance in situ and to give an account of the situation in the field?

Gaza – the "biggest open-air prison on earth" is apparently also deprived of visits. However, as European NGO we have wished to undertake our best efforts to invite the persons concerned here to Vienna so as to force open - to a certain extent - the extralegal blockade against the Gazean and Palestinian population.

One year after the attacks and four years after the undeclared sanctions against the Gaza strip Dar al Janub – Union for antiracism and peace policy and the Coordination Forum in support of Palestine in cooperation with the Society for Austrian-Arab relationship invites experts, scientists and politicians to a panel discussion to Vienna: "Gaza 2010 – Reports, expertises, analysis: One year after the Israeli attack on Gaza strip".

Organized by : Dar al Janub – Union for antiracism and peace policy and the Coordination Forum in support of Palestine

In cooperation with the Society for Austrian-Arab relationship



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